Our team conducts research in and across social and natural sciences. We collect, analyze, visualize, and model data about real-world processes to understand those process and derive new basic science and solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

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Teaching and Training HQP

We create and deliver knowledge in geomatics, landscape ecology, and location analysis and marketing. Training in traditional and novel methods include agent-based modelling, spatial analysis, land use modelling, and estimating market potential, among others.

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Working with our professionals and students to produce creative and high quality deliverables is just the start. In many cases, our industry partners are able to leverage government funds to increase project scope and enhance research and development outcomes.

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Storylines, Simulation, & Scenarios

We use Storylines to establish context and scope for research; Simulation to formalize our assumptions, knowledge, and to create new data; and Scenarios to evaluate sensitivity, perturbations, and potential futures…


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